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We hire smart people and we trust them.

If you’re keen to collaborate, learn, grow, try new things and aren’t afraid of a bold plan, you’ll fit right in.

We want you to be proud of the impact you have at WPS and make the most of the career opportunity. We understand that everyone needs something different to help them do their best work.

Student / Early Career

Chances are you're not looking for business as usual. Neither are we. Find out more about our student and entry level opportunities.


A great workplace thrives on ideas and opportunity. You’ll find both at WPS. Follow your ideas, and choose innovative career tracks. Challenge convention.


You’re ready to lead and influence change. You want to make a difference. Discover what we have to offer, and what we can do together.

Become a Leader

Our goal is to include everyone at the table, and to value and respect their unique voices and backgrounds.

Shape your career

Bring your ideas and pursue innovative career tracks, opportunities, and job rotations.

Learn and grow

Enhance your professional development through education and training.

Keep yourself current

Our skills training helps you keep pace with the changing workplace.

What is your Passion?

Social Media

Become a Social Media Manager

Internet Surfing

Become a SEO Manager


Become a Design expert


Become a Programmer

Using Mobile

Become a App Developer

Start-up attitude in team

Join an established, growing company making a huge impact in the enterprise software industry.

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